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The Most Exciting Period Of Freedom In Art

Visionary Experience

Exhibiting now at 1000 Van Ness Avenue in San Francisco:




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Visionary Experience

The most exciting period of freedom in art

Fall/Winter 2013

Alicia Coppola Art is pleased to present Visionary Experience: The most exciting period of freedom in art, a group exhibition at 1000 Van Ness Avenue, San Francisco. The opening reception is December 7, 2013 from 6-8pm. Visionary Experience has exhibited previously in Queens, New York and Los Angeles, California.

The exhibition includes 15 artists from Europe, New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco spanning 5 decades of artwork, including Olga Spiegel’s masterwork, Widening Horizon, from 1971-1972. 

Visionary art contains elements of surrealism, symbolism, psychedelic, fantastic realism and the abstract that reveal narratives of the conscious and subconscious. Artists in Visionary Experience trained at Fine Art Academy’s, the Vienna School of Fantastic Realism, and autodidact studies.

Visionary Experience resides within artistic journeys, self-awareness and transformation. Such explorations into the mystic include mythology, psychology, psychic, religious, natural, mechanical and scientific insights. Wide open thinking and communication with self and audience is one of humanities greatest attributes, pushing boundaries as the trajectory of human potential reaches further.

At times of change and cultural unrest, innovation and creativity come alive, as people adapt and react to their surroundings. Visionary Experience challenges the imprinting of beliefs and perspectives of conventional thought, rearranging and expanding our view about the universe in an endless display of human intelligence and imagination. A number of artists in Visionary Experience came of age during The 60s, illuminated with images of freedom protests, flower power and a nation divided by war. This defining decade in American history had a profound influence on these artists that can still be seen today. Examples of visionary art can be seen in such contemporary movements as digital art, street art and contemporary realism.

Curator, Alicia Coppola: The mission of Alicia Coppola Art is to fulfill emerging and mid-career contemporary artist’s careers through traditional channels and otherwise. See the full statement at and follow @coppolaart on twitter.

1000 Van Ness, Gallery: Enter through the main doors of 1000 Van Ness into the lobby, proceed to the right. 1000 Van Ness is a national historic building, and in the mid-20th century was used as a Cadillac showroom, its ornate detailing and high ceiling is architecturally stimulating. Various art exhibitions have taken place in the last two years including a previous art show curated by Alicia Coppola Art.

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