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De Es Schwertberger - Gift of light

In the Forest I and In the Forest II, currently on view at 1000 Van Ness are apart of De Es's vision to create a Dome of Peace:

De Es has completed a vast hundred painting assembly called the Dome of Peace, featuring many of his best works, all in huge two meter square formats. This massive installation of paintings is eventually to be exhibited in a giant circle or series of concentric circles.

"Between 1980 and 1990 I created an enormous cycle of one hundred paintings, each measuring 80" square and to be arranged in a vast circle. This ‘transformation cycle’ measures nearly two-hundred feet in diameter and thus marks the basic dimension of the proposed Dome of Peace building. Since 1990 I am the custodian of this exhaustive work, and currently it remains a mystery when, where, and how the Dome of Peace structure will be manifest. I think it would be a remarkable event for the year 2000 signifying that humanity is ready for the transformation to come and the planetary age."

in the forest 1 90 135x250  waldstück.jpg
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